Vote for Courtney and Toby

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This is your chance to help out a local couple. Courtney moved to London UK in 2004. She’s engaged now and has a chance to win a fabulous honeymoon in 2009. She’s so close to first place but needs that extra push you can give her. Check the website at:
and follow the instructions and register to vote; vote and then every 24 hours vote again until Dec 19 which is rapidly approaching. She gets a little fewer that 200 votes each day and the leader gets the same number. Unfortunately Courtney was on a field trip in Cumbria with her students when the contest started so she missed a few days getting the votes in. Now it’s catch up time and time is critical. Contact your friends. Get them involved too. We need a MASS of votes to carry the day. Oh yeah, and btw, Courtney Love is her real name. Thanks everyone.